For the Sake of a Community

Our community has a number of collective needs, but we also have vision too.  It can be difficult for an inspired person, ready to make a difference, to decide where to invest time and energy. At Mended, we continually ask ourselves, “How can we best serve our community?” We know of a lot of great people and businesses doing meaningful things in our city, and we have been contemplating on how to most effectively partner with them.  The solution we arrived at was surprising: The Giving Gallery.

"Mother and Child" sculpture by Bob Stokes

The Giving Gallery is a unique community asset within the Mended studio in downtown Port Angeles. Unlike traditional art galleries, which feature artists and their creations, The Giving Gallery will use the language of art to communicate the present needs and aspirations of our community and feature the organizations actively pursuing the revitalization of our town and its people.

Mended will pair local artists with these organizations in order to create displays and works of craftsmanship reflecting their needs, vision, and purpose.  As people tour the art pieces, it will increase awareness, inspire questions, and elicit action!  The Gallery will also serve as a connection-hub, where people can acquire the necessary information about the organizations, the contributing artists, and perhaps most importantly, how they can get involved themselves. Let’s mend our community and together pursue the future we all dream about.

If you’re inspired about this project and want to help or have questions, feel free to contact us.

-The Mended Team

Our most recent event was a silent auction fundraiser for Feiro Marine Life Center.  Four local artists produced fifteen unique ocean themed pieces that raised $700 for Feiro.

Display artwork by Kathy Corriell

Display artwork by Kathy Corriell

As a local organization this provides a unique way to gain awareness of your mission and influence in our community.  The display will include a description highlighting who you are, how to get involved, and contact information.

If your organization would like to have a display please fill out the following information:

As an artist, we want you to know that there are some perks for you as well!  Each display will give the appropriate credit to its creator.  Plus, we will reserve additional gallery space to display more of your work, either for resale or not - it's up to you.  We are excited to feature local talent and provide another avenue to have your incredible work seen!

If you are an artist and would like to help create a display please fill out the following information: