Crafting Community

For the last several weeks we have gathered community members together to share their insights surrounding a simple question: What do you see God doing in our community?  This week we hear from a great friend of Mended, senior pastor of the Revolution Church, Jason Himmelberger.

Jason was a key mentor and advocate for Mended when we were just beginning, and he continues to play a vital support role as we continue to develop.  In this message he describes how he sees God connecting those that follow Jesus, and those yet to know him, in order to begin building a unified community. 

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Jason Himmelberger

Pastor Jason Himmelberger is the senior pastor of the Revolution Church in Port Angeles, Washington.  Jason's heart is to see sons and daughters step into their God given identity. With an apostolic anointing, Jason is raising up a community that regularly and openly displays the raw power of the Father.
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