Mended is a community of people trying to do what Jesus outside of ourselves.  Our desire is to see people's lives changed by this love.  We also realize there is already a lot of incredible people doing off-the-chart amazing things in our community.  We want to build strategic partnerships with them to accomplish even MORE!  Are we going to see eye-to-eye on everything? Nope.  Do you need to believe exactly what we believe in order to work together?  Not at all.  We want to meet you, so contact us to get connected.

Today I stopped by the studio downtown and read what you are about on the door. I looked in the window and saw your beautiful Fair Trade items for sale as well. I heard about your service to the community and have followed the marathon around the state. I know there is a great need for this way of worship, in our times, and am so thankful, as someone from an older generation that you are called to be the hands and feet of God. Peace and God’s blessings to you and all involved!!!
— Melody


You're probably expecting a long list of doctrinal statements about the ins and outs of what we stand for.  We can chat over coffee if you'd like to have that conversation.  However, to be quite honest, it still wouldn't change the fact that we want to get to know you and see how we can work together to make our community better.  

The driving force behind everything we do is the love of God and our faith in Jesus Christ.  To make it as simple as possible, it can be traced back to the greatest commandment: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all you mind."  Oh ya...Jesus goes on to say the second greatest is like it too, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:37-39

What's so cool is that even amongst the Mended team, we may have different takes on parts of the Bible, but that doesn't keep us from getting back to the heart of what God has called us to do together.  Love Him and love others.  Simple.  Gospel. 

In order to keep focused, there are some questions we've committed to ask ourselves when beginning anything new.  

1. Does it honor God?  If not, then there has been a compromise somewhere in our moral standards.

2. Does it require creativity to accomplish?  If not, then we're falling back into habit and routine and not pushing ourselves for growth.

3. Does it serve someone other than ourselves?  If not, then it's self-serving and runs opposite of how you build a healthy community.

We operate with 7 core values that define Mended and how we influence our community.  

  • It starts with relationship. One-on-one interactions are the only way to truly get to know someone.

  • Our scope is our immediate community and our resources will be utilized in our own backyard.

  • Generosity is infectious so we want to model it. Our goal is to partner with local organizations and utilize our resources to support them. Scratching each other's back feels good.

  • Simplicity is important. We don't want to over complicate the message of love. God loves exclusions.

  • Uniqueness will be embraced because we need everyone's talents, abilities, and gifts to make our town thrive.

  • Because people are unique it's going to take a lot of creativity to speak to the heart of all of God's creation. We don't all see life through the same lens.

  • And lastly, we believe to the best of our ability, everything we put our hands to should be done with excellence. God spared no expense with His love, so why should we?


Our main approach as a church is to follow what we see in the Bible as close as possible. The simplest way to describe the essence of what we do is to create family. This takes the shape of smaller groups of people, meeting in homes, to follow the practices of the church outlined in Scripture: read and discuss God’s Word, spend time honoring and worshipping Jesus, pray for and encourage one another, and take communion. Another important aspect that takes place when we gather is personal connection. We encourage the relationships that form to continue even outside of our gathering times by sharing meals with one another, exploring our beautiful community together, or any other way that you and your family may love to do with others. Please contact us and specify your interest in a group to learn more.   

Attending a weekly group is our main time together as a church, but we've noticed an increasing trend of busy lives and schedules. We believe that church is a lifestyle, and not just something we do periodically, therefore we've chosen to embrace media and technology and encourage our participants to get God's Word in them where they are at as much as they can.  Reading our Bibles is the primary resource for connection with God, but there are literally thousands of messages, podcasts, and worship sessions available online and accessible 24/7 as well. Why not take advantage of that? We do have some of our own creative teachings available ( Access our media archive here), but God’s Word is too rich and full of life for any one person or group to have all the answers. Let’s tap into the beauty of the church that God designed of one body with many parts!  

It’s true that meeting together in a group is critically important, but working together in our community is the only way to accomplish what needs to be done.  We are an active church that wants to lead by example.  Therefore the final element in how we function as a church is to spend time in our community and volunteer.  We believe there are many incredible organizations in our own backyard that need our help.  Check our list of events to find out about any upcoming volunteer opportunities.

What does Mended mean?  And why the ship?

Logo-circle copy.png

We often get asked these questions.  To "mend" is to put together and make stronger.  God does both these things within us as individuals, and when we work together, He can do it in our community.  God actually showed me (Joe) the image of the ship in a time of prayer.  It became very apparent a few weeks later that God wanted this used as our logo when I found the exact ship in a painting that my grandfather had done when he was younger.  I think it's a clear representation of our church and each group within Mended...hand-crafted and rugged, yet beautiful; it's purpose is to explore new territory and take adventures; the crew is a tight group working together; it takes each person's talents and abilities to sail; and it's powered by the wind of the Holy Spirit.